Thursday, September 16, 2010

A 5k for my 5 week old

I know that the statement I'm about to make will cause many people to think of me in the same way I think of people when they say something like... "no thanks, I don't drink soda" (WTF, I can. not. relate.) So my bold statement to throw out there to the virtual universe is I like to run.

And I missed running when I was pregnant. I tried, I just couldn't feel good about running and jiggling up and down that little baby inside of me.

So, finally, I'm back at running.

I think I should mention though that I'm not a runner.

I don't even like to run outside, I prefer the climate controlled environment of the treadmill, where I can set my speed, my zero incline and adjust the breeze hitting me with it's built-in fan.

Unfortunately, you can't race on the treadmill (I should google that though), so I hit my first 5K this weekend.

But I raced not only because I wanted to run, but because I wanted to run for her, for Liz. For someone that never got a chance to hold her 5 week old, like I do, every day.

A 5k for my 5 week old

and for moms that hold, have held, and have never gotten to hold, their 5 week old.


I'm co-hosting a talk on tomorrow at 12EST. I, along with a few others, will be giving advice to new and expecting mothers. (Don't laugh; yes, it says 'expert' under my name... OK, now really stop laughing). Avent will be giving away a gift basket of Avent bottles to randomly selected participants and the end of the half hour. Hope to see you there.


darcie said...

Seriously. Did I miss you yesterday? I'll cry if I did. Did I?
I can't believe you are running after 5 weeks. My kid turns 5 in two weeks...Time to start running myself...perhaps I'll run after you - since you seem to be avoiding me!
Now there would be some good exercise!
I crack myself up!

That One Mom said...

I've been thinking of starting one of those Couch25K programs... Maybe I need to do more than think about it.

I totally think of Matt with regularity. It is so awesome the support system he has found through blogging. I wish I would have had that when my husband died. Still, it will never replace your partner...

LutherLiz said...

It was great to see you tomorrow. Sorry I was so out of it beforehand. I give it up to 5k jitters. Congratulations on running after only 5 weeks. I am in awe.

Plus baby E was a doll! I loved seeing her!

WhisperingWriter said...

Wow, I'm impressed that you're running so soon.

Shan said...

Good for you on getting back to running. I managed to get down on the floor last night and do some exercises. Things are *not* where I want them at the moment, but that was the best I could do. At least I stayed awake this time.

Way to go helping out by doing that 5k. I read the story not long after I'd had Madelyn. Heartbreaking.

And lastly, of *course* you're an expert! Sheesh! You can't have birthed as many kids as you have and *not* be some sort of an expert... unless you're from Dixie, hehe.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful thing to do! Congrats on accomplishing this so're much more movitated than this girl! :)

Laura said...

It was great to see you on Saturday and meet your family. Baby Edy is so gorgeous and sleepy. I have such a cute picture of mallory rubbing her little head. I love that her first comment at seeing Edy was, "Is this our new baby? Can we take her home?" Um, OK, go distract that woman right there and I'll wheel her to our car....
Congrats on the 5k!!! it seemed effortless to you.

simplicity said...

You ran a 5K after having a baby 5 weeks ago??? You rock, lady!
And now that you're geting out with baby E, lets really plan a coffee date maybe our H's and E's can hang (with W as well!) :)

Mighty M said...

Nice job!!

Anti-Supermom said...

You guys are way too nice and supportive. I was a little bummed by my time, 32:43 because I had a goal of being under 30 minutes, whatever...

Thank you for all!

PS - there are not any photos of this 5K cause I was not lookin' pretty... at all.

Mommy Lisa said...

That is SOOO AWESOME! Good for you.

But - really? Mama's DD's don't run.
And Mama don't drink soda.

Emmy said...

My freshmen year if I was mad or upset I would go running. Luckily I didn't run that often :)

Krystyn said...

Okay, I've never done a 5K..let alone 5 weeks after a baby! Props to you.

spagirlgreene said...

I. Can. Not. Relate.
I completely understand a statement like that!
Two female friends in my neighborhood run @ 6am at least 3 mornings a week. They invite me to join them anytime... lol. They run right past my home as I sleep lazily in bed... Well, actually, while I wish I were sleeping lazily in bed... I guess it's more like sitting. at my desk. writing. is that exercise? (i'll google it too ;)

Shandal said...

Oh I'm not a runner either. Just can't do it. :( I would love to do a 5K someday though. Especially for a good cause like that. :)


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