Wednesday, September 21, 2011

dote the tote

He pulled out the chair from under the table to sit down and tie on his shoes.

"And where do you think you are going?" I joked since he just put the kids to bed and it was out of the ordinary for us to do anything after putting the kids to bed except try to push off the screams, whines and complaints of the day.

He responded, "Target... to get Chad's wedding present.

I thought 'awesome!' One thing off my list, and since the wedding was on Saturday and it was Wednesday night, well one of us better get moving.

Just to clarify, my favorite wedding gift is of the green kind. Cash. I prefer to give cash and of course, to get it. Checks with my new last name were equally as lovely though.

So, my husband came back from Target. He stomped up the stairs banging something on our stairway as he climbed the stairs. What the heck? I turned to see what he was doing and why he wanted to wake the kids up.

Apparently exhausted, he dropped two totes on the floor behind the couch.

"More totes?!" I'm shocked, God help me, this man loves organization.

"No, they're not for us, it's for the wedding".

I don't think I said anything, just sat there sort of stunned. He continues...

"I wanted to get him something that they wanted, they registered for them and they're really nice totes (read expensive)."

I tried to argue about this being an appropriate bridal shower gift... but he was having nothing to do with that notion.

I finally rolled my eyes with an alright and forgot the damn totes until Friday when I tried to pack the minivan around the totes and my three kids.


Then come Saturday afternoon he insisted on wrapping the 100 and 75 gallon totes. I try to convince him that it's pointless to wrap something so big, so obvious; slap a bow on the two of them and call it a day. My husband huffed to me from downstairs 'I'm not going to a wedding without a wrapped gift!'

A wedding where we were gifting totes,

but more importantly, wrapped totes.

And I lose... he goes to wrap them.

All that he could find is dark, plain grass green colored paper, which happens to coordinate with his shirt he his wearing to the wedding, exactly.

So, my husband proudly toted his totes over to the wedding table that evening while I hid in the corner and hoped that the card slides off the present.

And no one will ever know that it was from us...

minus the entrance we made walking into a wedding with a 75 gallon tote inside a 100 gallon tote matching exactly to my husband's shirt.

(insert the picture I would kill to have of my husband and his color coordinated totes)



Aryn said...

I laughed a lot. This post is totes awesome. least his gift was still of the green, wrapped in green, anyway!

Mommy Lisa said...

Boys. Seriously. ;)

4luvandlife said...

There is so much misinformation in this post I don't know where to begin. I think the highlight is that the tote is 100 gallons though. :)

Dear other readers, the totes were on the wedding registry. Does that mean it is a gift welcomed and desired by the couple? Please comment.

Teri said...

Hilarious visual. One of my first thoughts when gift buying is always asking myself how easy is it to wrap?

Emmy said...

Lol! Well they registered for them and he did the shopping right? :)

amanda said...

sigh is right.

ps - our chat today? was so so so good for my soul. i didn't know how much i needed to hear your voice. here's to making it happen again soon! xo

amanda said...

sidenote - that's your husband? he has a blog? i am such a lame friend!! how did i not know this??

Krystyn said...

My husband? He'd probably do the same thing! But, hey, saved you a trip to the store, right?

Shan said...

I'm not sure what I love more, your post and the (pictureless) visual or your husband's quote.

Beth, for the love of all things grassy... I mean money green, look away from what comes next.

Aand to answer his question, yes, the totes were probably welcomed by (one half of) the newlywed couple. One of my best friends registered for Pepsi. I did not buy it for him. I got something on the registry that I also liked. It's the right of the person buying the gift. So, um, yeah. You win (but don't tell your beautiful wife I said so!).


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